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Should I Move Out Before Filing For Divorce?

Do I have to move out before filing for divorce? Often, someone wants to file for divorce while they’re still living with their spouse. They’d like to move out, but they don't have place to go or can’t afford a separate place of their own. In South Carolina, you must live apart from your spouse before filing for divorce in most cases. If you want a no-fault divorce, you must [...]

Protect Yourself from the Equifax Data Breach

Identity theft is something you hope you never have to deal with. But thanks to the Equifax data breach, it's something we all need to be concerned about now. Equifax is one of the three credit reporting agencies in the United States. When you pay off a loan or forget a payment, Equifax knows. It uses this information to help lenders decide if they want to lend to you. It [...]

Apple’s New Face ID Puts Your Privacy at Risk

Apple just announced that the next generation of iPhones will have Face ID. Apple's iPhone 8 series and iPhone X take Steve Jobs vision further into the future. Apple  is (finally) introducing wireless charging to both versions. In the iPhone X, Apple is including an OLED screen, and scrapped the home button in favor of a sleek all-glass front. Apple also starting to move past Fingerprint ID of yesteryear in favor of [...]

Alimony and Spousal Support in South Carolina

Alimony is a common issue during a divorce. Do you have to pay alimony? If so, how much do you have to pay? For how long? This article will explain some of the ins and outs of alimony, and how it works. When do spouses get alimony? The main idea behind alimony is to prevent one spouse from facing financial disaster because of a divorce. Alimony payments keep a stable [...]

How Does South Carolina Determine Child Support?

How does South Carolina Determine Child Support? A child support obligation can come up in a few different ways. Parents divorce. One parent has primary custody of the child, and now the court orders the non-custodial parent to pay support. Or, someone who never married to their child's other parent wants help raising their child. That person can go to the court, and the court will order the other parent [...]

Paternity: Proving You’re the Father

What is Paternity? Paternity means that the law recognizes you as your kids’ dad. If you have paternity rights, then you also get a bunch of legal rights to your kids. This means you can visit them, get them medical help, and easily protect your rights in having a relationship with your kids. If you have “paternity,” that means the law recognizes you as your child’s only father. This right [...]

Common Law Marriage in South Carolina

Common law marriage can be confusing. Will you find yourself accidentally married if you live with your girlfriend? How long do you have to live together for a common law marriage? This article will clear up a lot of misconceptions about common law marriage in South Carolina. We'll explain how common law marriages are different than regular marriages. Common law marriages also present some challenging issues that a regular marriage [...]

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