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Estate Distribution Without A Will in South Carolina

Have you ever wondered what happens when someone dies without a will? More specifically, have you wondered how estate distribution works among family members? Which relatives would inherit what, if anything? This article will walk through different scenarios under South Carolina law. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Estate Distribution 101: What is Estate Planning? What is an estate? Imagine that everything you own--your house, your car, your bank accounts, [...]

Filing for Bankruptcy: 5 Things that Happen When You File

Filing for bankruptcy is a hard decision. It forces you to confront your financial condition, and is a humbling experience. Before you consult an attorney, you should know how filing for bankruptcy could affect you: Need an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Charleston, South Carolina? Contact us today! We can help you file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. 1. Student Loans Usually Aren't Discharged Student loan debt in the [...]

Eclipse 2017: What if My Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Fakes?

The Eclipse and Ultra-"Violent" Light The solar eclipse is almost here! August 21, 2017 marks the first time in nearly 100 years that there has been a coast-to-coast solar eclipse. This special occasion has caused quite a commotion across the county. Businesses and schools are closing for the day. Government offices and courts are closing. Economists say that the total solar eclipse, which will last only 2 minutes, will result [...]

5 Things That Can Happen if You Die Without a Will

If you die without a will, it may be the last mistake you make. When you have a will, you determine which family members, friends, or charitable organizations can have your assets after you die. Most people know that they should have a will. However, they don't know what happens when you die without a will. Dying without a will, also known as "dying intestate," can have a significant effect [...]

Cohabitation Agreements in South Carolina

Cohabitation is a big step in a relationship. You may have just decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together. Or maybe you've been living together for years. But if you're unmarried and living together, you may put yourself at financial risk if the relationship ends. It's important for you to know what a cohabitation agreement is, and how it can protect you. This blog [...]

Separation in South Carolina

There is no true "legal separation" in South Carolina. Many other states recognize a process where spouses are legally separated. South Carolina does not make a distinction between divorce and legal separation. Instead, you can get an Order of Separation from the court, which has nearly the same effect. The One-Year Requirement The court requires you to live apart from your spouse for at least a year before it grants the divorce. [...]

Fault Divorce v. No-Fault Divorce in South Carolina

What is a fault divorce in South Carolina? A fault divorce is a divorce where the person asking for the divorce claims that their spouse caused the divorce. Many people believe that divorce rates are growing and have been out of control since the mid-20th century. While divorces have increased over the years, this is because of no-fault divorces. When most people divorce in the United States, they get a "no-fault" divorce. [...]

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