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    Family Law Attorney – Beaufort, SC

    Going through a divorce is often a difficult journey, wrought with emotions. When you find yourself headed towards this arduous road, you want a family law attorney in Beaufort, SC that can help you navigate the complexity that is family law. Unfortunately, a divorce means more than just the breakup of a relationship. Apart from the emotional trauma that affects the lives of all parties involved, the practical aspects of a divorce means coming up with an agreement for splitting assets, dividing property, and sharing debt. If you have children, it also means coming up with a co-parenting plan, custody, and child support orders. Everyone’s situation is unique, with its own focuses and needs. At Maron Law Group, we know all the difficult sides of going through a divorce, from the emotional impact to the financial one. Let us help you get through this sensitive time so you can finally have some peace of mind.

    Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Beaufort, SC

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    At Maron Law Group, we focus on providing affordable legal services for those needing a family law attorney in Beaufort, SC, without sacrificing any amount of quality. Our team is professional, empathetic, and experienced.

    Meredith Leighmann is a divorce and family law lawyer serving Beaufort, South Carolina

    Meredith founded Maron Law Group with a vision to provide the best legal service to her clients of any family law attorney in Beaufort, SC, and at an affordable rate. She appreciates her clients’ time and wishes to make the law firm as accessible to people as possible. Her unique education background and experience provides her with a view to be able to fully address the needs of her clients.

    Meredith received her law degree from the University of Kansas School of Law, and also earned an M.A. in Economics from the University of South Carolina (Go, Gamecocks!), after completing her B.A. in Economics from Virginia Tech.

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