A divorce isn’t just a legal proceeding—it’s an intensely personal experience. When a marriage ends, life immediately changes for both spouses and their children. Many things become uncertain: How will property be divided? Who will get primary custody of the children? Are you entitled to maintenance? Every divorce case requires a distribution of property, assets, and debts. If you have children, a divorce requires a parenting plan and child support orders. Nevertheless, every divorce is as unique as every client and their circumstances. We understand the emotionally charged nature of a divorce, as well as the sensitive and complicated issues that arise during a divorce.

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Divorces through Mediation

Most divorces settle out of court. Oftentimes in divorces, the parties agree to a divorce, but cannot easily agree with how to separate property, assets, and debts. When you and your spouse agree to go to mediation, a mediator helps the parties negotiate a property settlement, parenting plan, and other things that must be decided in a divorce. Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution help you quickly achieve the result you want in a divorce at a lower cost than taking the matter to trial.

High Conflict Divorces

Trial is not always avoidable in some circumstances. Though many divorces are settled out of court through mediation, some do not. A high-conflict divorce is one marked by volatility and can be harmful to both you and your children. Whether the conflict is caused by child custody, child support, property division or other reasons, having a strong negotiator is key. But if your spouse is unwilling to negotiate, then you will need a skilled litigator to take your divorce to trial.

Contested Child Custody

Child custody disputes are complex and heart-wrenching, both for the parents and the children. In a contested child custody hearing, the Court considers all the evidence presented and determines which parent should have primary residential custody of the children. This is based on what is in the best interests of the child. The Maron Law Group is dedicated to advocating for mothers’ and fathers’ rights.

Property Distribution and Debt Distribution

It’s always easy to amass property during a marriage. When the marriage ends, the challenge is fairly and equitably separating property and other assets. This includes dividing physical personal property, real estate, retirement accounts, as well as credit card, child support, and other debt responsibility.